Wednesday, August 05, 2009

In Which Jo Reveals Her Blog-Crushes (aka link roundup)

Since I don't have anybody in the meatworld to crush on, here are a list of my current blog crushes:


Door Sixteen. In my social group, "D16" has become shorthand for "anything you obsess about and work on with perfectionistic tendencies showing, because you know it'll be gorgeous in the end". This woman probably wipes her ass with $100 bills, and has more patience than I do, but it's a it's aspirational, right? Right?

The Daily Danny. Yes, it's all about consumption, which doesn't seem very green to me, but he does find some pretty things. And, when you really need to replace your coffee mug collection/end tables/whatever, he undoubtedly has a post about whatever it is you need a new one of. (What a sentence.)

Screamprinting. You've seen those "Keep Calm And Carry On" repro posters? Well, these folks have some that say "Bloody Hell, We're Buggered Now." I'm thinking of getting one of each and gluing them together, then hanging them on the wall so I can turn them whichever way I'm feeling that day.

News You Can Use

The New York Times. The original and still the best.

Jezebel. Not only do the brave souls of Jezebel offer commentary on this week's "Big Brother" episode, they do thoughtful analysis of news stories you won't get anywhere else.

Advertising For Love. The project of a woman doing her dissertation on old personal ads. Maybe it's not "news", but it sure is interesting, and it shows us plus ca la change, plus ca la meme chose, or wevs.

Girly Shit, Like Lipstick and Shopping

Apocalypstick Now. Not only does she have the best blog name ever, she's hilarious.

Outblush. I must admit that I read this blog only to see what the authors consider to be reasonable purchases. The average price of a dress exceeds my mortgage payment.

The Beauty Brains. Science and beauty in one tidy package! Don't buy a new shampoo without checking here first.

Esteemed Colleagues

Grunt Doc. Right up there with Sid Schwab, in my opinion (who's no longer medblogging, and what a loss that is), I always find something interesting going on with The Grunter.

March of the Platypi. Still one of my favorites, lo these many years later. It was the Platypus who showed me both that it could be done and how to do it.

Your Pharmacist May Hate You. Total blog-crush material: he likes Scotch, he's grouchy, he's overworked. What more could a woman with her own tools ask for? Plus, he writes amusingly and is politically active.


Allen said...

Right Back at-cha! Terrific blog, I don't link nearly enough.


Lioness said...

I bought the Keep Calm and Carry On and now I must absolutely have the bloody hell now, I say that all the time, all the bloody time!