Friday, August 28, 2009

Further Friday Foof. With Fluffitude.

This is Flashes. He's very proud of having unmade a corner of the bed.
I fear Notamus is under the bed, plotting my demise.

I got tired of having the same ol', same ol' fire extinguisher.

This is the dresser I painted white (from a weird light-pine color) and put green knobs on. It makes me very happy, like I'm living in an Anthropologie catalog but without the underfed stringy-haired people in ill-fitting clothing.


Abilene Rob said...

You are awesome.

The label on that fire extinguisher will have me laughing for days.

tottergirl said...

I know about the plotting kittehs! My PurrrrKin has the middle name of Killer because she tries to kill me on a regular basis. Her favorite technique is the twining my feet in a dark garage. Also, that dresser is really pretty!