Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Well, gosh. That's kind of a drag.

This is Cinco de Mayo, right? So there are gonna be fireworks, right? Right.

I just heard a few fireworks go off. 

Then a few more. This was happening, by the way, just down the street.

Then I heard a noise like a spark had hit a box of fireworks and they'd all gone off within seconds of one another.

Now I'm hearing sirens.

Sucks to be you, dude. At least we've had enough rain lately that you won't catch the grass on fire. 

Wonder if whoever-it-was kept his hands intact.


shrimplate said...

I hear that they are performing hand transplants now.

Alpine, R.N. said...

And to think...i almost got to pull an EMT shift last night...~sighs~ i miss all the fun.

AzRN said...

hmmm...where i live, i immediately thought of gunfire while reading your post (and chuckled *shakes head in shame*).

Penny Mitchell said...

"Hey Maw! Watch this!"

Anonymous said...

Been a big fan for at least two years.

The fun, the sass, the sadness, cats dogs and the hard earned wisdom you show us here, have touched my heart and informed my mind.

When you wrote of the things that shouldn't be done to dying people; I was able to share that when my wife was losing her mother (she was a nurse).

I always check daily with you and Sid at "Cutting Through the Crap:


You both provide a glimpse of a humanity our world and times need more of.

I am allied with a tribe of nurses and medical professionals; like you, great women all.

Keep going, don't let anything bring you down.