Monday, April 20, 2009

Product Reviews: Paired X Chromosomes Edition!

It's product review time again, kids! This one is more gender-specific than usual. Boys are welcome to read, but are unlikely to come away with any useful information.

Girly, Foofy Product Review Number One: 1000 Hours Eyelash and Brow Tint

Yeah, I tinted my eyelashes yesterday. Before anybody gets all het up about blindness and skin reactions and so on, let me say that I had no trouble at all with this stuff--no eye irritation, no skin irritation, no nothing. It didn't even stain my skin when I accidentally glopped it all over.

1000 Hours is an Australian product that you can get online. I bought it because I've got white-rabbit eyelashes; they're totally invisible unless I'm wearing tons of mascara. I've been considering dyeing my eyelashes now for a few years, but had been scared off by stories of people getting horrible corneal scarring from the dyes available in the States. After doing some research online and talking to various beauty mavens I know, I went ahead and dropped $25 on the 1000 Hours black/brown tint and tried it out.

The verdict? It rocks. My eyelashes are now visible, but not artificial-looking. The application was easy and fast, and there was no horrible dye smell. I'm keeping this one.

Girly, Foofy Product Review Number Two: Boden dresses

Whoever designs dresses for Boden really likes women. Like, really a lot. I have three dresses from there, and they're all different, and they're all bangin'.

The first is a clingy jersey number with a deep V-neck that gives me a waist. The second is a more structured cotton dress with a U-neck and a full skirt that doesn't make me look like a munchkin. The third, which I just purchased with an eye toward one-hundred degree, one-hundred percent humidity days, is a lightweight crinkle cotton thing with an empire waist that doesn't make me look pregnant.

The verdict? Spendy, but totally worth it. Plus, if these dresses hold up the way other stuff I've gotten from Boden does, I'll be wearing them for years. 

Girly, Foofy Product Review Number Three: OPI nail polish

I don't use anything else any more. I don't paint my fingernails--why bother, when they're short and being scrubbed constantly?--but I do paint my toenails in the spring and keep 'em done through the summer. After brief flirtations with Revlon and other, lesser brands, I'm sticking to OPI from here on out. The polish wears well, the color in the bottle is what you'll get on your nails, and it's easy to take off, no sanding required.

The verdict? Why use anything else? You can get bottles for cheap(er) at places like Sally or your local Drug Emporium.


Anonymous said...

Looooooove Boden! Especially Johnny Boden himself.

Anonymous said...

A zillion years ago, when I worked as a lifeguard a couple of summers, my normally BLACK eyelashes and eyebrows bleached to platinum. So I bought some of the Coal-Tar Eyelash Dye, which had all the grand properties you mentioned, and applied it. It worked, but it sure did stain - the skin beneath the eyebrows, my fingers, and the washbasin. My Mom was not pleased. This sounds like a much better deal.
Yr Mom

Penny Mitchell said...

OPI is better than Revlon? Really? I loves me some Revlon on my toes. OPI's names do kick ass. In fact, they might even have a color named, "Our Names Kick Ass." I shall try it.

Anonymous said...

I ordered 1000 hours allllllllll the way from Austrailia based on your recommendation.I will let you know if it corrects the downside of being blonde (scared to do my brows though).My BF is disappointed iI ordered it, unbeknownst to me he likes the emo runny mascara look.I also ordered a Boden catalogue.You ought to get comission!
Yvonne ED RN

Anonymous said...

OPI is the they have the coolest names out. I do not choose for the color as much as the name. Sad, but true....