Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Usually I'm just a dipwad. Today I'm a dipwad in pain.

Chef-Boy-O and I went out this afternoon for lunch. I'd spent an hour with Atilla and then an hour mowing the lawn (*love* the Neuton mower!) and I figured we deserved, you know, a couple of veggie sandwiches and a Black Butte or two. We sat outside, because it's 73 out and gorgeous and breezy and the birds were singing.

I'd forgotten that I work twelve hours a day. And that it's been winter here lately.

And that I have red hair.

You can see where this is going, right?

I'm sunburned. On the right side of my body.

My right arm is pink. The right side of my face is pink. My right collarbone and chest are pink. There is a clean line of demarcation down my nose between pasty-white-freckled and pink-radioactive-freckled skin. 

Nearly forty is too old to be forgetting the sunscreen. Jesus.


Uro*MA said...

Too bad its not closer to halloween, you could go as Nurse jeckyll and Dr. hyde!!

Alpine, R.N. said...

oh OW! I've always been pretty careful about the sunblock, but now with nursing school my skin has become (especially under hospital lights) TRANSPARENT.

head chef said...

I do believe an "I told you so " should go in here somewhere...but I'm too nice to do that.

Anonymous said...

Sunblock is my best friend. I never leave home without it.
(oh, yes. my bald head requires it!)