Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's In *Your* Wallet?

A quick rundown of the contents of my purse, before I go to bed. For entertainment purposes only; please do not attempt this at home.

1. My Work Pouch, which contains two small tubes of toothpaste, the caps of which have both come off, one small tube of triple antibiotic ointment, assorted pens, highlighters, dry-erase markers, alcohol swabs, blunt cannulas, needles, tape rolls in various stages of lintiness, and one tablet of...what is this? Orphenadrine CR. Whatever the hell that is.

2. Datebook. Cell phone, with three numbers in it. My Sunnydale ID, with angel pins (2) and horny toad pin (1) and TEAM Playa pin (1) on it. I look like an axe murderer in the picture. The back of the ID has a picture of a 1950's housewife holding a cup of coffee and the words "I haven't had my coffee yet; don't make me kill you" taped to it.

3. A compact of powder so old I don't remember when I bought it. I do not use powder. I'm not even sure it's mine.

4. Two lipsticks and one jar of Carmex.

5. Three hair clips, a barrette, a hair elastic, and a hairbrush. None of which I use during the typical day at work. Which is why I look like an axe murderer in my ID photo.

6. Wallet. Change purse containing one pound of quarters. (I ended up washing the car in the driveway.)

7. Bag of assorted prescription antidepressants and OTC pain medications. When other nurses need an aspirin, I point them to the bag with the warning "Don't take the pretty red ones."

8. A box of Sensa, part of my unending quest to get rid of this avoirdupois around my waist.

9. Max's new rabies tag.

10. A list of services my vet provides for kittens. No word on what services they provide for kangaroos. 

11. Four green tea bags. I hate green tea.

12. A book of coupons for products I don't use that I'm going to give to a coupon-clipping coworker.

13. The same damn red rubber catheter that's been riding around in this bag for what seems like forever.

14. A stopcock (wrapped) for a lumbar drain. What the hell?

15. Lint. And some old orders I need to shred.

16. FMLA paperwork.

17. Two paperclips and a book of matches from an Italian restaurant here in town that I haven't been to in 20 years.

What's in your wallet?



In my bag I carry...
A ziplock bag which has
16f catheter
spare stoma bag..
50ml syringe(if the bag is big enough)
wallet(usually empty of $$$)
pain killers
Hemp hand cream from the body shop, use it on face also, its truly awesome.
thermometer (don't ask)
In a smaller bag within the bag.
tweezers,flash drive, medical alert bracelet, hair pin(for scratching ear).
Nail clippers,bills,mascara,lip balm,Car Keys and some pens.
My bag is a leather backpack thing and is about 20inches/10 across. But it does all fit:)

RehabNurse said...

Oh, that just makes me think about my work bag.

Surgilube from evenings that I threw out of my pockets, a magic bullet, lots of alcohol wipes and an odd number of non-latex gloves.

My regular stuff from home: a pocket notebook for writing down miscellany, a folder, for all those rascally papers, a review book (depends on what cert I'm reviewing today) a case with makeup in it and a Tide pen. A pencil case with a calculator and a sewing kit. My stethoscope and a spare change of underwear and socks in another pocket with a compact brush.

More assorteds are in my locker, like paper plates, a spare set of scrubs and flip flops.

My phone, PalmPilot and wallet are always attached to my body. I couldn't live without those.

Uro*MA said...

the scarriest thing on that list : the FMLA forms! Ugh, i hate filling those out for pts, we play rock paper scissors for them! And thte funniest thing, misc. pills with a warning "don't take the pretty red ones" love it!

woolywoman said...

Uhm, FMLA paperwork? You ok?

Jo said...

Wooly, I'm fine. These were leftovers from the Floo I had.

Anonymous said...

Jo you have such a kickass vocabulary, I loves it.
Had to look up "avoirdupois" and found this *awesome* chart on Wikipedia showing the relationships between English units of weights. I'm in nerd heaven.

GingerJar said...

I have a "Croc" bag I got at Academy for $10 on sale. It is full of all kids of stuff. Mainly: Glasses, ziplock baggies (I use them over and over),Pen Holder with Pens: black and red, Markers: Black and Red, Highlighter: Yellow. Hemastat's, two penlights, stethoscope, exercise magazine, notebook w/calculator, my pocket emergency book, wallet, two sizes of bandage sissors. Makeup:powder, lipsticks, carmex, lipliner, eyeliner, mascara. Baby-lotion, med's in a ziplock bag: Excedrin, Alieve, Maalox tabs, gum. My current paperback novel. My report sheet from last shift (in case I get all the same patients), copy of the work schedule...and hanging from the outside of the bag, my keys and cell phone. Whew....I need a forklift to carry it all.

Anonymous said...

boring, but:

bank cards, driver's license & such

NO cash

tattered coupon for "free piece of pizza" from a kids' magazine that my stepson filled out & gave to me over a decade ago