Monday, February 23, 2009

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If only all I needed to stop mouth-breathing was a Perfect Breather, I would have much better days at work. If you treat nurses as though they are morons, they will act moronic. 

Thankfully, the moron-baiting is not on my unit, but on another unit I floated to for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Jo's Second Law of Nursing has been revised to read: The number of exclamation points ending a sentence that states the obvious is inversely proportional to the perceived intelligence of those reading the sentence. In other words, if you have laminated posters up all over your unit that say things like "EVERYONE must pitch in to keep the break room clean!!!!!!!" then it's obvious you're treating your employees like morons.

Seven exclamation points? They don't grow on pepper plants, you know.

On second look, that dude reminds me of Hannibal Lecter. 

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In other news, I'm replaying the following over and over in order to deal with moronicity:

and, especially:

(Fiddly embedding fixed, I think. And isn't it funny how, even when you haven't heard a song in TWENTY YEARS, you can still remember every damn word?)

Yeah, I'm a bug for the '80's. Even though--and this might shock those of you who know me in the meatworld--I have never seen Pretty In Pink or Sixteen Candles. I prefer Some Kind of Wonderful over The Breakfast Club, though. Crazy romantic, that's me.

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Flying Dog's Double Dog Pale Ale: almost as good as Great Divide Brewery's Fresh Hop.

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Max went to the vet today. He's lost 15 pounds in six months, and I hadn't noticed. I'm a bad puppy mama. Anyway, his kidneys seem fine, and the vet didn't notice any weirdness in his belly, so the general consensus is that he's simply not being fed enough (hanging head in shame). He got FIVE cups of food today and is walking around slowly, belly rounded out, looking quite complacent.

I think, since Strider left, that he's running around more (well, duh, since he's not afraid of being attacked) and is generally happier and is therefore burning more calories. So he's getting more food until such time as I can make some satin balls for him (no comments from the peanut gallery, plz.) and give him EGGS.

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Good God. Double Dog has 11.5% alcohol. No wonder I feel so cheerful after a half of one. And to think, five years ago Delirium Tremens and Nocturne were too strong for me.

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I read Coraline and The Graveyard Book this week while I was off. Coraline is easily the most frightening book I've ever read--even surpassing Stephen King--and The Graveyard Book is one of the best. It's right up there with The Phantom Tollbooth. I read it once and I plan to start it again tonight; that's the highest recommendation I can give a book.

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Do any of you fine readers do Sculpey or Fimo clay work? If so, or if you know somebody that does, I have a commission for you. I've got a project involving frogs that has to be done by the middle of April. Email me at the link to the right.

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I leave you with this:


Haley Dawn said...

I LOVE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH. Truly any book that can rank up there with Phantom Tollbooth must be amazing. I have read that book like 5 times hehe

ps I also thoroughly enjoy reading your blog

WardBunny said...

The exclamation point thing is the NHS all over. A memo about catheter usage for example does not need 3 exclamation points (actually true).

I do use Fimo in my doll making but being several thousand miles away isn't really helpful sorry. I will help if you can't get anyone closer though!

sparrowmict said...


Anonymous said...

I've just finished 'The Graveyard Book', and would love to read it again, but the boyf has nicked it! Oh well, it will be all the better for having to wait I suppose!

RehabNurse said...

"if you leave, don't leave now..."

I'm having flashbacks to high school. Yes, I've seen all those movies you mentioned and when I've seen them again, I see how my life was vastly different, but I sure did know some of those people!

The funny thing is thinking about those people grown up!