Sunday, February 15, 2009

I love you guys, but please.

Cut your damn nails.

I *mean*.

A couple weeks ago, while I was at the Doc-In-A-Box, waiting to be diagnosed with "viral syndrome" (what you get when you get the flu after having a flu shot), my vitals and history were taken by a very nice LPN with NAILS.

Now, nails on women bug me. Nails on men are worse. Dirty, too-long nails on men are the absolute worst of all, but long nails are almost as bad. This poor guy had long, broken, filthy nails. 

I dunno--maybe he worked on cars in his spare time. I know that after I've gardened or pulled up bushes or worked on the Honda, my nails are a sight--but I scrub the everloving hell out of them prior to going to work, and have been known to use white nail polish in moderation so I don't scare my patients.

Most importantly, my nails are short. I do not keep my fingernails long so they click when I play the piano. As the firefighter from Islington observed, "You keep your hair short. You keep your nails short. Not terribly feminine, are you?" No, not really; but I'm clean. 

Please, guys--and this includes two guys in particular with whom I work--keep those nails trimmed. Unless you're a professional classical guitarist, there's really no excuse.

And gals--don't get me started on the acrylics, okay? We've been over acrylics, too-tight scrub tops and visible whale tails/tramp stamps before. 

Thank you. I have to go back to work again tomorrow, and I'd really like to see this issue resolved by then.


Anonymous said...

oh! this is one of my pet peeves too. I get a bit sick to my stomach when I see a nurse at work with acrylics. I mean, sure, you are wearing gloves while delving into that MRSA filled cavern on the guy's leg, but whoa, even after you wash your hands, there are countless cracks, crevices, and crannies for all kinds of happy critters to make a home.

There is one nurse whose nails are so long that she frequently "pops" the end of the gloves and has to change again. Even after countless "coachings" by our nurse manager, she continues to drag those talons all over the unit.


Crazed Nitwit said...

Oh my nursing school director would love this post. We cannot have long nails. I am not a girly girl and have never been into the manicure thing. I must wash my hands 64 times or more each clinical day.

The previous poster said it all with her MRSA statment! LOL.

Alpine, R.N. said...

EW!!! I thought that (naive little me) somebody would actually DO something about the nails!!! That's FOUL!

Anonymous said...

Glory BE!
I mean... c'mon we ALL know what wonderful micro-organisms love to hang out underneath those nails.

RehabNurse said...

I'm having nursing school flashbacks reading this! Our school policy was short with no polish (unless it's clear.)

I chop my nails (much to my pedicurist's chagrin...since I won't spend for a no-manicure buffing!), keep them clean, and unpolished.

I won't get a manicure unless I'm on vacation, and besides, mine never last for more than 4 days anyway.

woolywoman said...

Oh, ick. Don't forget to outlaw the rolled down scrubs, as well. Oh, and high heels on residents. We have a brutal infection control nurse who will send your ass home until the nails are gone. Without pay. I love her with all my ( probably colonized) heart.

Somenurse said...

Our micro department came by unannounced one day and swabbed things. One of them was under a few coworkers long acrylic nails. Ecoli was found in excess under every one!

shrimplate said...

I am a non-professional classical guitarist so my right-hand fingernails are a little long. Not so much as you'd notice unless you were really observant. I maintain them, as well as my left-hand nails, immaculately.

No rings. I'm afraid they'd get germy. That's too bad, because I would be very proud to wear my wedding-band.

Nurse Ausmed said...

Worst case at work I know of: long painted nails, and gold jewellery on every finger. Blech. I hate to think what lurks beneath...

Saw a woman drumming the side of her "sports utility" while waiting at the lights the other day: diagonally split acrylics, one side black, the other white. I honestly don't know how you're supposed to drive with those things!