Sunday, January 11, 2009

I had a *really* bad day.

But, instead of complaining, I want to show you what I came home to tonight:

It's not *your* bed. It's *our* bed.

No, really, you can take the other half.

Or perhaps I'll come over here, for belly rubs.

Hey! Why'd you stop?


Uro*MA said...

It is always nice to come home to someone (or animal) that doesn't care what kind of day you had, or if you are in a bad mood, its always the same greeting, and they love you unconditionally! So cute!!!

Bardiac said...

He's got the sweetest face!

And he's kind enough to pre-warm the bed for you. How cool is that? I bet he will happily take you out to play or go for a walk, too!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, goggies have the magic powers.
All better.

Penny Mitchell said...

Tell him Auntie Penny LOVES HIM.

head chef said...

What a guy. Should I be jealous?

shrimplate said...

Nice snout.

I love long snouts. On dogs, that is. On people, not that much.