Sunday, October 12, 2008

Morning Drama

Max somehow rolled under my very low platform bed while he was asleep last night:

Those are his paws sticking out from under the bed.

When he woke up and decided he wanted to get up, there was much whimpering and scrabbling of paws until I went and lifted the bed off of him. Even lying down on his stomach, he's taller than the bottom of the bed, which presented some problems. Poor guy. Meanwhile, there's Strider:

I can haz chiropractor?


Lisa G said...

LOVE the photo of Strider!

Elliott said...

I notice that you stopped to document his stuck-ness before rescuing him. Hmmm. Thank you.

Jo said...

Elliott: He wasn't yet stuck. He had his head toward the head of the bed and was sound asleep when I took the picture. Half an hour later, as I was uploading it to the blog, I heard the scratches and sniffles and went in to find his head at the foot of the bed and him on his stomach.

I have no clue how he did that. Elasto-pup!