Saturday, October 04, 2008

Housekeeping: It's a Good Thing.

Why, yes, I changed the format. I'm so glad you noticed. Do you like the little nurse up in the corner? I do. That's a candid photo a coworker took of me as I swanned from room to room this past week, dispensing oral Dilaudid and love to all my patients.

This new Blogger template is so easy to use that I've decided to stop being a rebel Luddite and actually add things like tags and updated links to the blog. So, in the next few weeks, you'll be seeing some changes:

1. New, updated links to blogs like Macho Nurse and Cooking Nurse. 

2. Tags! It's hard, when you're looking for a mac-and-cheese recipe or Rules For Residents, to have to wander back through the archives and read post after post, hoping you'll hit the right one.

3. Some form of organization for the archives. I've not looked into the capabilities of the new template thoroughly yet, so I don't know what sort of form that'll take, but I'll figure something out. I'm kind of tired of just having things listed by date.

4. More pictures of the dogs. Better grammar. More ranting. More naps.

Not all of these changes will happen at once, of course, but be watching.

As for the "Followers" pictures up top...I may have to ditch those. It scares me to have little people watching me all the time, plus I can already tell I'll get all competitive and weird and start counting followers.


Organizing Jo


Kirstin said...

I usually read you through Bloglines, so I came here to see. Love the graphic!

Lisa G said...

I love that nurse graphic! Very retro. Have a good weekend :)

Bardiac said...

More pictures of dogs! (Of course, I'm a dog person, so I may be biased.)

The new layout looks good. The type on blogger is easy to read, and there's enough white space but not too much.

Anonymous said...

love the new layout!