Monday, September 29, 2008


They're going to come for me and haul me down a tiled hallway as I scream "I didn't do nothin'! I didn't do nothin'!"

Here's a quick rundown of the last week:

Tanking patient snotty doctor dog fight food in fridge gone bad sick boyfriend. Another tanking patient dog fight dog to emergency vet emergency vet unavailable in surgery go back home put antibiotics in dog's eye take dog to vet in morning sick boyfriend cat vomit everywhere no clue why ah it's a hairball emergency babysitting. Get quote on doors holy shit expensive dog antibiotic dosing nap call from boss BLS due tomorrow holy shit no way to renew now sick child more dog fights doctoring dog holy shit I need a beer what the hell why is McCain still neck and neck with my man gosh wonder if Mom's okay Strider stop it that's the pullcord to the lawn mower holy shit put that down that's the cat Max stop bleeding on the rug cat vomits I haven't made the bed yet tanking patient snarky attending snotty me back prolly gonna get written up but who the fuck cares oh, finally, a day off.

And I go back to work tomorrow.


Penny Mitchell said...


P.S. Don't look at your 401k.

Anonymous said...

Had a bac week, mmm? Well, your Sainted Mom is ok, having passed her **driver's test** last Wednesday. And sent off Dad's manucript yesterday (16 years of work).
See you next week.

Tonyia said...

I suspect this is incredibly accurate.

I LOVE this post. Take a deep breath and keep on truckin'.

Urbie said...

tanking patient mrsa back not eating little hope family meeting maybe hospice who knows that could be better still outta work not even bowling good. phooey.


shrimplate said...

How odd. That actually sounded *good* to me.

H said...

AMEN. (especially to urb's bowling troubles)
As usual Jo, you rock. And give me some much-needed perspective.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. You **really** changed the format..Astroslave

woolywoman said...

So sorry. Hang on, eat chocolate.