Tuesday, August 05, 2008

585 Posts! Time for fluffitude!

Notable Links I Enjoy, By Jo...

Style Spy: A fashion blogger from just down the street. I envy her life, her pumps, and her friend Plumcake's Cadillac.

Your Pharmacist May Hate You: Drugmonkey doesn't know this yet, but I'm going to carry him off on my hot-pink, nitro-fueled Vespa.

Blomma Finds: Things to lust over for the home.

Shedworking: A UK blog on sheds. Go ahead, check it out. Lust for things for your garden.

fisforfrank: I cannot say enough good things about these folks. I stumbled on their Etsy store while I was looking for knobs for the kitchen cabinets, and ended up buying almost all my knobs from them (a few pulls came from other sources). The knobs are like tiny pieces of sculpture and are reasonably priced, because the quality is so very high. If you're looking for something to dress up a piece of furniture, your kitchen, or your desk, go here first. It's a small company based in Dallas, and every single thing is hand-cast and original. They also do custom work!

Peep Research: Speaking of fluffitude (or fluffithelium), this site is a classic. Be sure to check out the surgery that successfully separated conjoined Peep quintuplets.

Old House Gardens: Now that I have a yard of my own, I spend hours drooling over this site. Soon, soon, antique hyacinths and dahlias will be MINE! (Muahahahaha....)


Anonymous said...

Lo! I am slain! I found fisforfrank on Etsy and promptly ordered eight (8) knobs shaped like dinosaurs. Do not post any more links ever. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey jo, i dunno if you remember me but i've been reading your blog for years now :P
i actually have a head question, my grandad-in-law has just been diagnosed with an aggressive glioma.
its operable and only 1cm in size.
it sounds really scary, in your experience do these patients do well?
thanks in advance and i hope i'm not bothering you...

Jo said...

Jeanie! Yes, I do remember you--and Gluttony Gluttony!

Listen--shoot me an email and we'll talk. There's a lot to consider when we're talking about brain tumors, and it's too much for the comments (plus, you probably don't want it all the way public).

My email's linked to the right, under "Speak", or you can just send me your email via the comments.