Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's a pun.

Hello to everybody who navigated here from the LA Times!

You won't, unfortunately, find any advice on how to be a "head", or charge, nurse. Nor will you find anything resembling Penthouse Forums. Nor will you find anything on that foam that rises to the top of a glass of beer (well, you might, but it's not the theme of the blog). 

It's *Head* Nurse. Neuroscience. Like, head-brains-neuroscience? Pun? Got it?

Head Nurse. Neuroscience. Brain on top, spine down the back. 

You may laugh now. 

Yeah, everybody makes that mistake. You would not *believe* some of the comments I have to reject.

Original mention here.


Nancy said...

I'm interested to hear your rejected comments. You'll have to save them up and put them all together in a post some day. Another blog I read had to change her name because it had the word "diapering" in it. Who knew that would bring out the sickos? Some of the blogs in the article you linked look interesting. Definately going to check out Urostream. Ha

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the press! You're a really great writer. I am so happy that you are getting recognized for your crafty/insightful/caring words.