Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

This is actually a day early, as my time off ends tomorrow. *sigh*

My Mom will be seventy years old tomorrow, July 16th. Hooray!

People who lived to be 70:

1. Methuselah (969)
2. Benjamin Franklin (84)
3. Helen Keller (88)
4. Florence Nightengale (90)
5. George Burns (100)

People who did not live to be 70:

1. Jesus (33?)
2. Mozart (35)
3. Eva (Uncle Tom's Cabin, age 6?)
4. Rumwold (Anglo-Saxon saint, aged 3 days in 662)
5. Amelia Earhart (42)

Things that happened in July, 1938:

1. Steam locomotive "Mallard" (Hi, Dad!) sets land speed record of 126 mph.
2. Wrong Way Corrigan takes off on the 18th, heading (he thinks) for California. Later, he lands in Ireland. Wups.
3. Mauthausen concentration camp built (eesh.)
4. Two barns were destroyed by fire near Sheboygan.
5. Brian Dennehy was born (actor).

If you search "70 Things" on Google, you're likely to come up with:

1. "70 things you need to know about future employees"
2. "70 things to expect in a disaster" (My favorite: "Things will get better only after they get considerably worse.")
3. ""70 things to always remember" 
4. "Who held a gun to Leonard Cohen's head?" (article from The Guardian)
5. "70 Things To Do In Iceland" (too easy.)

If you search "70 year old mother" on Google, you're likely to come up with:

1. "70-year-old gives birth to twins ('I did this for women everywhere,' says mum)"
2. "A mother reveals 70-year-old secret"
3. "Turkey with my 70-year-old mother" (recipe help or travelogue? You decide.)
4. "Thief jailed after 20-mile chase with 70-year-old mother dozing in seat next to him"
5. "Seattle Native is Mother Of 70-Year-Old Sal D'Amato's Baby"

And finally, Rob Brezsny says:

I really do feel that you're here with me as I create these horoscopes. In a sense, you're my assistant. Our telepathic connection is utterly palpable and practical. The hopes and questions you project my way stream into my higher mind, coloring my psychic environment and enriching my desire to give you exactly what you need. Now, in accordance with the astrological omens, I'm asking you to give our collaboration more conscious intention. It's time for you to be aggressive about seeking help and inspiration -- not just from me, but from everyone. Try this for starters: Once a day for five minutes, visualize that you and I are sitting face-to-face and discussing the issues that feed your longing to be brave and free and authentic and smart and loving and creative. 


Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY to Jo's Mom!!! And many more

Julie said...

Happy 70th birthday!!!!!!!!!

Will you be my mom too??? Just for today?? :-D

Penny Mitchell said...

Any Mom of one of my bestest friends is MY MOM TOO. I guess you didn't see that in the fine print. Oops.

Happy, happy day!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jo's mom!!! *shaking like an excited muppet* And may you have many many more! =]

-- Jayne

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your special day, Jo's mom!

-- Juls

wellah said...

Happy Birthday to Jo's Mom! Kudos to you for raising another spunky, feisty redhead!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday, Dear Jo's Mom
Happy Birthday To You

And many moooooooooooooooooore....

Your gift is that I'm only virtually singing. :D

Hope you have a blessed day.


Anonymous said...

May you experience a most excellent 70th birthday, Jo's mom...and many happy returns of the day!

-- Linda

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Jo's Mom!!! You rock! May your day be as awesome as you and your girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic birthday!!! Today is also the birthday of my friend Angie; good things must simply spring from July 16!

Pretend that you can actually receive the virtual tiger lily I am sending you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jo's Mom!

Anonymous said...

Everyone who wished Our Mom happy birthday needs to know that SHE HAD A SURPRISE PARTY AND YOU FLEW IN TO BE THERE AND BOY ARE YOUR ARMS TIRED.

In my opinion.

Anonymous said...

what a nice tribute!