Wednesday, November 07, 2007

White girl, white rice, white wine edition: I threw away my TV, so...

...I can't watch Grey's Anatomy any more. Therefore, a list of things I do when I'm sick and tired of being a nurse.

Surf YouTube for Harry Potter tribute videos. Love that song. Love it.

My jeans are falling off of me, thanks to weeks of getting the yard in shape, so I might not qualify for Manolo for the Big Girl any more...but it's still a good read. You might see someone you know in the postings.

Gala Darling. Still my 3 a.m. fix for things to make me cheerful.

I own one bag for work, one for not-work, and one for play. Why, then, do I read Bag Snob? For the writing, friends.

No, you can't wear most of the makeup to work, and the latest mailer is silly beyond belief. Still, Sephora has the best deals on good soap guaranteed to get the smell of formalin/blood/poop off'a ya.

No, you can't wear these clothes to work, but when is a girl's life ever all work? StyleBites.

Dumb Little Man is not.

Canned goods are always a good investment: the story of my life! Frugal Fag has the lowdown. Or the down-low.

Food. Or not. The Food Whore is always a good read.

She's like me. Except she's a doctor, and all.

And this is what I do when I'm not at work. Or walking Max, or washing the car, or making salmon with cream-garlic sauce.

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