Monday, October 08, 2007

Total Fangirl.

What do I do when I'm not working or blogging about work?

Well, when I'm done cleaning house, Furminating the animals, paying bills, grocery shopping, dancing on tables, scaling K2, and remodeling antique biplanes, I hop online and waste time at these non-medical sites:


Pop-culture snark for people with brains. Especially since Snarkywood went into hiatus, I love the comment section here.


The single best Web-only comic for the money. Someday Randall Munroe and I will run off to a tropical island with good connectivity. He'll draw his comics and post them while I crack coconuts and mop his feverish brow. Call me, Randall!

Gala Darling

She's young. She's from New Zealand. She lives in Melbourne. She has bright pink hair. She's the go-to girl for fashion, relationship, and life advice for the young-twenties set. I'm about *mmph* years older than the target demographic, but I love her beyond reason anyhow. How could you not, when somebody signs off "Super love and cupcakes"?

Modern Mechanix

I fell in love with this site when I saw a layout from Popular Mechanics (I think it was) on "A Kitchen Built To Fit Your Wife". Ironically, the same ideas the authors thought were good in 1952 were ones Martha Stewart incorporated into some recent kitchen design or other. Paleo Future is another good one for the tech-heads.

Manolo's Shoe Blog

Not *that* Manolo. Better.

And, of course....Dogblog.

'Nuff said.

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Max said...

Thanks for kxcd comic link .But last 3 I checked are sorta really for computer nerds (e.g .me :)) . Are you a computer nerd in addition to being a nurse?