Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things I love Thursday, with apologies to Gala Darling

Baby Giraffes.

Chefboy and I went to the State Fair yesterday. (That simple sentence fails to convey the driving....driving....driving we did.) The petting zoo had a baby giraffe, about ten feet high, who decided that *my* five-dollar cup of critter feed was the *best* five-dollar cup of critter feed. He lowered his head, stuck his insanely narrow muzzle into the cup, and licked up feed with his huge black tongue. I was totally smitten. I was also intimidated by the size of his feet.

Mosquito Barcoding

Wahoo! Look it up. It's cool.

TIGI Oatmeal Cookie body wash

I know I've written about this before, but I just snagged the last two bottles at the grocery store. It's like bathing in brown sugar without the stickies, but then it resolves to a deep, rich sandalwood.


My dog

He grumps and growls and barks and howls and raises his paw for belly-rubs. What could be better?

The new Wusthof knife Chefboy got for me

It makes insanely quick work of chopping. I didn't even feel it when I sliced my finger the other night (just a little slice; no worries).

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Unknown said...

I got my first-ever stitches from a brand new Wusthof! Like you, I didn't feel it. The scar (a chevron, 5 stitches' worth, in my R first finger), is healing really nicely. They are amazingly sharp!