Monday, September 10, 2007

No, I didn't fall through the bathroom floor.

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

I'm moved in. I have one house, one cat, one dog (more on that in a minute), and one almost-bathroom. It needs to be grouted, but it looks *sharp*. It'll be totally usable tomorrow, after everything dries.

The moving guys who took care of the heavy stuff came in a trio. Their combined ages couldn't have been more than 65. All of them were cheerful, stringy, rangy guys who could pick up a fully-loaded cedar chest alone and haul it down three flights of stairs. I'm proud to say that five years of nursing and a year of heavy training left me able to keep up with them. I also let them punch holes in a wall (it's got to come down anyhow), much to their great delight.

Getting back to work was weird. You know how the strange people and strange cases seem to cluster? Well, we've had a couple of clustering weeks; I came back on the tail-end of the weirdness time. The census reads like the table of contents from a particularly nightmarish pathology book: worms in the brain? Got 'em. Basal cell carcinoma that ate into a sinus so that sinus and orbit had to be removed and replaced with a free muscle flap? Yep. Bizarre ventriculitis caused by God only knows what virus? Uh-huh. Autonomic dysreflexia, septic shock, dehydration, dementia, and meningitis? All in one bed, buddy.

In short, I was reminded that "Found down at the Kwik-E-Mart" is not an encouraging beginning to a history.

The Curious Incident of The Dog

Eons ago when I was still married, my then-husband found a dog in a vacant lot near our house. He (the dog, that is) looked determined to lay down and die, being nearly starved and looking like he'd been on the road a while. That, of course, is never gonna happen in *my* neighborhood, so off to the vet I went, with an 80-lb stranger in the back seat of my Civic.

Several months later, after he'd been fed well and exercised regularly, somebody at the vet's office mentioned that they thought he might be an Anatolian Shepherd mix. Anatolians, aka Kangals, are enormous livestock guard dogs native to Turkey. They're popular here and in Oklahoma because of their toughness and intelligence. I shrugged, figuring that Max wasn't big enough or furry enough to qualify.

Fast-forward four years. Ex-husband is moving, and needs somebody to take the doggo. I couldn't originally, because a large dog doesn't belong in a small apartment with somebody who works 16 hours a day. However, now I could, because I have the house and the yard and all. So I went last night to pick up Maximum Maxhound.

He must've been a half-grown puppy when we found him, is all I can say.

I now have a 115-lb monster taking up most of the kitchen floor.

The cat beat him up last night. She was unhappy with his being here and so attacked him in the living room, giving no quarter, and chased him through to the kitchen, where she cornered him by the back door and went to work on his hindquarters. He's now understandably nervous about coming back inside, so I wander out every few minutes to the yard to scratch his ears and tell him he's the best, sweetest boy ever.

And he is.

(Note: the picture above is not Max. It does, however, give you a good idea of his size.)


overactive-imagination said...

Holy cow! that dog is massive. If Max is that big, I feel for you in the pooper scooper department. Geesh. You'll have to post a pic of the real Max for us to oogle.
Glad the bathroom is coming along, I've enjoyed reading your bathroon adventures.

kati b said...

wow. I've always wanted a dog that big. In theory. I don't know what I would actually do if one was lying on the floor in my kitchen.

glad that your bathroom hasn't eaten you.

Penny said...

YAY! Just....YAY!!!!!!!!! On ALL counts!