Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lazy Post, with a good reason and an excuse...

I got a very nice email from a man who worked out an algorhythm to show the top 25 nursing blogs by hits on the InnerNewtTubes.

They are here.

I recommend, strongly, perusing all of 'em. I write one; most of the rest I read, and two on here were pleasant surprises to me.

Why am I doing a self-aggrandizing lazy post?

Because I just spent 2.5 hours at the doctor and came away with a diagnosis, not of allergies, but of pneumonia. Tra fricking la.

Don't worry; I don't feel bad. I just thought I had a bad cough.


shrimplate said...

I hope that pneumonia doesn't get you down. Nasty stuff. It can kill you. And we don't want that. There's a nursing shortage already.

We need "head" nurses, not dead nurses.

I worry about this when I consider possible epidemics; say for example, flu. Who's most exposed and most likely to get sick? Hospital workers.

That would be a righteous pain in the ass if a bunch of nurses really got sick.

woolywoman said...

Bet it's from all the damn dust you've been breathing. Get a dust mask before you take down any more walls, and feel bettter soon.

Jo said...

That's the funny thing: I've been wearing a dust mask religiously. An N-95, actually, that I used at work.

I don't particularly want to die of this, and I don't *think* I will. I might die from the cough syrup, though. Hydrocodone: whee! *ugh*