Sunday, January 28, 2007

What I do on my day off...*

I must read up on legal issues in neuroscience nursing. The article's been sittng on my computer, bookmarked, for three weeks. I wonder if it covers the legal ramifications of bonking stupid family members in the head.

Gotta make a cake for work. I make a mean pie, too, but they only want cake. Cue Madame Antoinette.

When I opened the kitchen cabinet today to get the cat food out, about a gazillion plastic containers landed on the cat. Gotta clean that out, too.

While I'm at it, I suppose I ought to sort out Books I'm Done Reading from Books I'm Still Working On. They're all piled together on a table.

Speaking of which, I need a decent chairside table for the living room.

And my sock drawer is a mess.

And the cat needs to be Furminated.

Maybe I ought just to suck it up and go to Target rather than to my usual grocery store.

I wonder what size filters my air conditioner takes.

Oh, and I need to drop off that lease agreement at the apartment office.

What's in the dryer?

*These ruminations and plans to catch up with life brought to you by Wellbutrin XR, 150 mg.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's just the joy of living brought on by that scary Whole Foods experience.

Or antibiotics. I feel like that now that the antibiotics have kicked in.

GingerJar said...

Girl, you are just too funny. I have been reading your blogs for quite some time as they are quite entertaining...and sometimes informative depending on the subject of the day. I too have that lengthy list...and like someone with Attention Defeciet, I find myself flitting from one task to another...doing something of everything...and finishing nothing. Probably need a pill for that...but then my hubby wouldn't know how to handle me sane. :)

girlvet said...

HAHAHAHAHA I can relate.