Saturday, January 20, 2007

People, relax.

I'm tapering the Effexor dose very slowly. As in, I'll probably be off of it by about 2018 or thereabouts. Or at least, that's how it feels right now.

Nobody panic. I promise I won't lose it.

Just had to reiterate that point. Seems a lot of folks misread, or I mistyped and gave the impression that I was dropping my dose in half immediately.

I'm going to go nurse this incipient head cold now.


Anonymous said...

I think the statement "I begin tapering from 150 to 75 tonight" could be parsed two ways:

"I begin the tapering process tonight, and my goal at the end of this slow careful process is 75"

"I begin the tapering process tonight, and as a beginning, I will drop from 150 to 75"

You said several times you'd do it very slowly and carefully. But I think the magic word/number combo "from 150 to 75" set off everyone's alarm bells.

This parsing brought to you by Yrsis's parsing and piano tuning service, because we AM insane and don't care who knows it.

shrimplate said...

If it's all just the same to you though, I probably won't be loaning you those axes, pile-drivers, and chainsaws you were looking forward to borrowing. Not for a little while yet, anyways.

Good luck with the cold. I hate them.