Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's impart wisdomses!

1. If you tell a resident that you'll take care of bowel management for them, not only will he or she sign anything you write, s/he'll love you forever.

2. Don't call at 0300 for a sleeping pill for a patient.

3. White is a magnet for ook of all sorts.

4. Your favorite clogs have just been discontinued, and your favorite pen is about to run out of ink.

5. The cutest bartender is always taken.

6. There is no substitute for dental floss.

7. The volume of ook that will splatter on you is directly proportionate to how much you like the scrubs you're wearing.

8. The doctor who yells at you is actually trying to make up for the size of his or her genitalia. Don't let it rattle you.

8a. Remember that you can go home at seven; they're on call. Smile.

9. The word "pomegranate" never looks like you've spelled it right.

10. If you're a student, don't fret: you'll never use care plans again.


RN Moxie said...

Jo - are you serious? I will never use a care plan outside of school (I'm just starting school now, so sorry if that question is dumb)?

Anonymous said...

#4 is true even if you aren't a nurse.

Janet said...

Glad to see you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

For number 10, thank you thank you thank you. Sometimes we need to be reminded. Although, it makes it even more painful to do them knowing we won't take them with us afterwards.

Jo said...

Annalie, I'm serious. Unless you work in the sort of hospital that only shows up on Tuesday nights at 8 pm, you won't ever use a formalized care plan again.

You'll use *elements* of care plans, yes. But most of those elements will be on a pre-printed form somewhere, and all you'll have to do is initial them.

However! Pay attention to what you're doing with your plans, because they really do help you organize your thinking about a patient. I've been a nurse for four and a half years now, and I still think in terms of care plans when I have a tough patient.

Of course, I'm a big nerd.

Anonymous said...

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