Monday, February 27, 2006

What I heat up on my day off...

...because I really can't call it cooking.

Warning: girly foof ahead.

The local Quick-ee-Mart had a sale on various frozen entrees this week, so I tried some off-brand eggplant parmesan and a box of frozen fish.

I hesitate to say this, but both of them were quite yummy.

I'm sure I'll bloat up like a pufferfish from the amount of salt they contained, but *damn*. TV dinners sure have come a long way since the 1970's. Not that I ate them then, you understand, Mom being given to soy products and home-made bread, but I remember seeing them in the chest freezers at friends' houses.

It's a good trick to have stashed up a sleeve for one of those nights when, after work, seven minutes seems like too long to wait for dinner. I'm not going to be eating them regularly, though.

In other news, Beloved Sister seems to have settled on a wedding dress. The pattern she loves is the pattern I had originally chosen for a bridesmaid's dress, which is fine and dandy. I was having doubts about the fullness of the skirt for a morning wedding, so I was happy to have her take it off my hands.

Though, as she pointed out in an email, having two people in a wedding wearing the same cut of dress would give the old biddies something to talk about.

In that spirit, I've gone for this:

Hello, Tiger

sans bows and in the narrow-skirt version. The temptation to have it made in black duopioni is almost overwhelming, but that would give the biddies too much to talk about, so I'm thinking of going with a sedate olive green or gold. Maybe even a deep brown, with cut-and-polished hunks of amber to go with. The only requirements for the wedding are "Vintage Preferred" and "You Must Rock, Roll, and Destroy Hotel-Room Furniture, In A Metaphorical Sense, Of Course", so I'm good to go.

Hell, I've got 'till October to decide. If all else fails, I can always find something in orange and silver taffeta with an ass bow.

(This is the point in each post where I normally bring up some fine thing about work, but I am *so* not in the mood this week. The past week has seen collective asses saved by good charting (yours truly's), insane family members abusing patients in my presence, and a knock-down-drag-out between one of the management team and myself, so scruit. Maybe I'll blog about it later; maybe not.)

In the meantime, is anybody doing anything special for Lent this year? I'm observing Eastern Orthodox Lent, primarily because it falls on the Monday following the big Scottish Hoedown, and I want to have a Hair-Down Hoedown this year and drink plenty of warm beer.

I will not be wearing sackcloth and ashes, unless you count Dickies scrubs as sackcloth.

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