Friday, February 10, 2006

The sun's over the yardarm *somewhere*.

Another entry in the Person With No Face contest:

Weird eye tumor extending into the bone of the skull near the temple and up over the brow. Weird eye tumor (and half the patient's face) removed by our crack team of Weird Eye Tumor Removal Pixies. Weird eye tumor site becomes very swollen and starts to leak Weird Eye Tumor Post-Removal Fluid.

So here comes one of the Pixies with a giant needle attached to the end of a giant syringe and whams it into the person's face in order to draw out some of the fluid.

I left the room precipitously.

And I did not have the egg-drop soup for lunch, no sir.

In other news, Amazon has a nifty widget I'm thinking about getting to carry lunch in. The bento box has always appealed to me, but a bento jar? Even better.

I also may have a supplier for my vintage glasses and sunglasses fetish. My crazy optometrist has a crazy father who recently found a cache of new-old-stock 1950's and 1960's glasses frames. He's promised to bring some of the best ones to the shop so that I can spend my hard-earned tax refund on them. Cat's eyes, here we come!

It's raining here, for the third time since July. I've promised myself a beer and a nap, in that order, so I'm off to get started.


shrimplate said...


Qu'est-ce que c'est le rain?

None measurable here since mid-October. The Valley may soon resemble the Lost City of Petra.

PaedsRN said...

I love bento boxes! What a cool toy.

HypnoKitten said...

The bento jar is really a nifty tool. Reading the comments on it makes me want to get one for myself!

Anonymous said...

Hope you check the thrift stores for vintage glasses...very cool stuff, daddio...