Sunday, September 25, 2005

This has been bugging me for a while.

I once heard a story about some researchers in the Amazon, or someplace where there are sloths, who put pie pans on sloths' heads. They came back 24 hours later to find that the pie pans hadn't been disturbed.

Or maybe it was the sloths' bellies that held the pie pans. I don't recall.

Chef Boy woke me last night with a phone call to ask, "What good are sloths?"

I replied, half-asleep, that sloths are where you store your pie pans.

Has anybody else heard that story? Or is it a product of my fevered imagination?

What really sucks

What really sucks is reaching into the oven for a baked potato, and misjudging the amount of space between the oven racks, and pressing the delicate skin of your forearm against the searingly hot metal of the upper rack. That sucks. I have a nice inch-and-a-half-long burn now that will take forever to heal.

What else really sucks

Is having a very small kitchen. I can make a clean kitchen into a disaster area in a matter of seconds if the kitchen is very small.

My kitchen is very, very small.

Which means I have to go clean it now. Including scrubbing bits of my own seared forearm out of the oven.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Thanks loads for that last sentence. I was afraid to purge to stay slim and beautiful, and you fixed that.

Jo said...

Nothin' but the hating from my own sister, people. Nothin' but the hating.

Not even a good suggestion on sloths. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I Googled "sloth pie plate" already. Nothing.

The new Third Degree Nurse said...

I think you made it up. But I LOL over your "people" post from the other day. I just had to give you an award for it too, on my blog. Hope you'll do me the honors of accepting.

Incommunicado Maxs said...

Your last sentence really cracked me up! :D

DrDiSaia said...

Try some opsite on the burn. It reduces the pain, but you need to change it alot. If you can get a sample of Oasis this works even better. The stuff costs bucks though.