Thursday, September 15, 2005

Just a tip...

If you call me at home, and I return your call from work, and tell you that I'm calling from work on my cell phone, and you have both my cell phone and work numbers, don't sound annoyed if you later leave two messages on my home answering machine when you can't get in touch with me there.

I'm just sayin'.

Oh, and another thing...(edit)

If the op report says "glioma" and the residents' notes say "glioma" and the attending's note says "glioma", do not get snarky with me when I give a physician from another service the rundown on gliomas (nasty, fatal) rather than pilocytic astrocytomas (minor, totally curable) when she asks me.

Especially not if you dictated the report that called it a glioma.

If you do, I'll have to do one of two things:

1. Pull the chart and show you your error, which you will not like, or
2. Dump your bludgeoned and charred corpse out of the window.

A further note to the commenter of the other day: we've spoken to the nursing supervisor, the chief resident, and Doctor Assholian's attending about Doctor Assholian's behavior. So far, it hasn't made any difference.

Option #2 is starting to sound good. And totally, totally workable.


shrimplate said...

I have a question:

If you char the corpse, how do you avoid setting off the sprinkler system? That would seem to be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Is Dr. Assholian a pseudonym for Dr. Asshat? Dr. Asshat's younger sibling? Or, are you just blessed in your department?

Special Sauce said...

Can you cram a body into an autoclave or something? It might not char him, but it could do other nasty things, right?

THEN you can dump him out the window. What a jerk!

Jo said...

Assholian and Asshat are the same guy. I decided "Assholian" sounded better. Heh.