Sunday, May 08, 2005

Things about which I do not care, Sunday, 5:53 am edition:

1. Michael Jackson.

2. Any of the celebrities who slept in Michael Jackson's bed.

3. Ultra-super-duper long-lived mice with healthier hearts.

4. The men's rights movement.

5. Anything much going on in Kansas. I promise I'll care about that later.
(Apropos of which, I met somebody the other day, about my age, who actually believes the world is only 4,000-some years old. Given that almost nobody believed that idea *when it was postulated*, I think we should put her in a glass case. Amazing.)

6. Cholesterol. It's just too damn early.

7. Florida.

8. What David Beckham is doing these days.

9. Laura Bush's comedy routine.

10. Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Why am I up this morning this early? On a day off, no less? Because Beloved Chef-Boy has to cook a Mother's Day brunch (plated, limited menu, special selections) and so has to be at work at 7 am. This is early for a chef, especially when he worked dinner the night before.

Wish your mom a happy Mom's Day. And reserve a few good wishes for those long-suffering members of kitchen crews who were up late last night and will be up early this morning.

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Anonymous said...

About #5, I used to work with a guy who felt the same thing. He kept mentioning all sorts of stories about how God placed the bones on the bottom of the sea and in the ground etcetera just to make us think, and they were not as a result of generations and millenia of life going on before we showed up.

Sometimes I really wanted to smack him!