Friday, March 25, 2005

You know it was a good vacation when....

...Pal Joey sends you many, many pictures of your time on vacation, and you don't remember some of them.

At all.

I'm fairly sure a few of the pictures came from Poutine Night #1, and I know who the other person in the picture is (the wonderful Magda), but I don't quite remember how I ended up in the poutine place eating poutine and having pictures taken. Also, the fact that I have the *exact same facial expression* in every picture leads me to believe that I might've been a bit tipsy at that point.

Maybe Joey can help me out, here. Joey? Joey? (*crickets*)

Okay. We'll let my sins die a quiet death.

In other news, it's been a quiet week at work. This means that next week will suck dead rats, but I'm grateful for a slow week. Slow enough, in fact, that I got cancelled yesterday. Instead of transfusing blood and titrating intrathecal medications, I spent the day eating baba ganouj and hanging out with the cat.

Today it was back to transfusions and titrations.

But everybody's been reasonable; we didn't have the influx of absolutely insane people this week that we had last. Nobody, thank God, coded. Nobody needed emergency anything, which made for a nice, steady day. And nobody had enormous infections that required constant care.

So off to bed.

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