Sunday, March 20, 2005

Controversy Roundup

In which Jo comments on controversial issues in the news.

1. Terry Schiavo: get your power of attorney and living will done, people. That's the lesson to take away from this.

2. The supposed lack of women bloggers, as bemoaned by male bloggers: I'm a woman blogger. We exist. Get over it.

3. Steroids in baseball: Yeah, whatever.

4. Abortion clinic records subpoena'd by legislators in an attempt to research child sexual abuse: Why is anybody buying that argument?

5. Lindsey Lohan's and Paris Hilton's behavior: zzzzzzz*snurk*zzzzzz.

1 comment:

The Heretik said...

Some day all the weenied ones will worship you, penis people will perform fan dances, Ms Headly. Oy

For now kick back and have an Oy cocktail