Friday, January 14, 2005

A PSA, of sorts

This is a handy-dandy link for everybody who's currently asking themselves the question "Is it a cold, or is it the flu?"

Of course, the symptoms described here might not apply if you've had a flu shot, or if you actually have a sinus infection, or if you've just got some sort of gark that nobody's bothered to catalogue.

My current list of symptoms range from the nasty to the really sort of cool. The nasty include a moderate fever (100.5 F), a hacking cough that's soothed only by ice cream and some leftover Tessalon Perles (bad nurse, keeping Rx meds around! Bad nurse! No donut!), and general body aches, headache, and malaise. The kinda cool symptoms are the hallucinations out of the corners of my eyes (is that really a binturong on my couch?) and a voice that rivals James Earl Jones's. I'm walking around saying "I find your lack of faith...disturbing" a lot.

The fact that I sound like Darth Vader, complete with breathing, almost makes up for the small furry things that keep darting around at the edge of my vision. Almost.

At least there's plenty of bad TV on, and nice guys down at the Quick-E-Mart who say things like "Helllooooo, dear! My, my! You look not so good today! And how are things?" as they sell me NyQuil.

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