Monday, May 17, 2004

Days off

Yesterday I bought summer clothes in sizes that I can actually wear. (Here beginneth the requisite Female Blogger's Ruminations On Weight, Fitness Level, and Body Image.) Given that this size is the number I wore when I started nursing school, doubled, it took some huevos to mouse down to that size in the online catalog. But at least I'll have shorts that don't make me look like I'm five months gone.

Yesterday I also did a fun new workout: rather than simply walking on the treadmill at a speed that killed me in thirty minutes, I walked at a killing speed *while holding three-pound hand weights*. And five-pounders, but only for a lap or two. I may technically be twenty pounds overweight, but I don't know many women who could walk 2.25 miles in 30 minutes with extra weight in their paws.

Pal Joey (yes, her name really is Joey) invited me to Banff in July for a visit. Given that where I live is Heat Hell from early June to mid-September, I'm taking her up on the offer. It'll mean living poor and applying for another credit card, but what the hell. The Canadian Rockies in July sound a lot better than the inner city does, and I've never been to that part of Canada before.

Given my last entrance into Canada (in a fish truck), though, I suppose I should be careful and not get too excited.

In other news, I'm cleaning house today and making pounds and pounds of salad. I'll work the next two days, then have two off, then work the weekend. The differential is nice, and it's been a while since I've done my duty for weekend shifts.

*yawn* Off to scrub the bathroom floor.

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