Saturday, May 19, 2007

Things that make the needle on the Baffleometer swing to the red, part 386

Why is it that the neurology residents, after ordering twelve tubes of blood drawn on one patient (yes, literally twelve tubes) for various obscure tests, return to the floor or call with a telephone order for one more test? And why is it always the test that can't be run from any of the tubes already drawn?

Why do tacos come in threes? Twinkies come in pairs. So did Noah's animals. So do senators. Are tacos like celebrity deaths and plane crashes? And if so, should I be eating them?

Why on earth is that resident wearing both bi-colored wingtip shoes *and* a bow tie?

Why do people think tan looks better?

Why did Louis Farrakhan record "Zombie Jamboree" as a young man? Did he really think it would be his ticket to fame? (Speaking of bow ties.)

Why do our urologists have such huge fucking egos? Would it kill them to be polite once in a while?

Why isn't there a decent Ethiopian restaurant in this town?


Birdy said...

Yummm Ethiopian. Come to North Oakland/Berkeley. There's an Ethiopian restaurant on every corner.

shrimplate said...

Mmmmm. Injera and doro wat. I'm hungry.

Melissa said...

I think that urologists behave the way they do because of an inferiority complex. Well earned I might add.