Monday, May 21, 2007

I can't decide...I can't decide....

So I have to move this summer.

I have a choice: house or apartment?

House comes with the possibility of a big, happy dog, like a Cane Corso or a lurcher or a big ol' Anatolian (my favorite breed, next to Greyhounds, which of course I'd have one of as well) and a place to plant herbs.

Apartment comes with less responsibility, free weight room, pool, somebody else to do the maintenance. But I can't paint, I can't plant herbs, and I certainly couldn't have a Molosser.

House I could do things to. Apartment I wouldn't have to.

House I could play around with. Apartment I couldn't...but there'd be somebody there to fix the faucets.


The thing that's swaying me is the dog issue. It's been *so* long since I had a dog.


David said...



You can always have someone in to fix the faucets.

Dogs: It's a quality of life issue

Bardiac said...

A dog for the win!

You already go to the gym, so a dog would merely give you extra play time to go for walks, play fetch, and so forth. And a dog is wonderful for health and stress levels and such, right?

And a garden... there's not much better than seeing those first bulbs come up in spring, or eating something yummy you've helped grow (though you should wash it in case your dog "helped" too).

woolywoman said...

Dog, dog, dog dog dog!!!!! Get the house!

Anonymous said...

Recently, I have become acquainted with a standard Poodle/Black Lab mix, and a French Mastiff. The latter is smaller than an English mastiff, but same temperament. The former (lab/poodle) has a poodle head and prehensile toes, and a lab personality.

What sort of Rescue Organizations are around your area?

shrimplate said...

Go for a nice rescue greyhound, an old one who just likes to lay on the couch watching Law & Order reruns. They love that.

I myself have always been enamored of sighthounds in general. I used to have four Borzois and three Salukis. Buncha sweetie-pies.

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

Well, I would dearly love a cat but my apartments don't allow pets. BUT....I still say get the apartament! My apartment is so cool because of the reasons you said--you literally don't have to do anything to it beyond move into it and decorate it---and there's less bills to pay. I hired a cleaning lady and viola---all my free time is virtually for hobbies and relaxation. (And for the little "gardening" that I want to do, my balcony is enough space---yet no yard work beyond watering the potted plants.)

#1 Dinosaur said...

Unless you're in a really bad real estate market, and/or you leverage everything to buy way more house than you can really afford, "house" is almost always a better idea than "apartment."

Besides, you can have a dog. Don't you like dogs?
*stoopid grin*

susan said...

after 33 years of home ownership, the past 11 as a single woman, i say go for the apartment! i'm beginning to think home ownership is a crock. by the time you pay the taxes, repairs, upkeep and all that la-ti-da stuff i really don't think you come out ahead, even w/ the tax write off! and the time saved by calling someone else to fix and pay for the repairs.......priceless!
on the other hand if having a dog is a HUGE priority........go for the house!

Melissa said...

It's not even close. House wins.