Monday, May 15, 2006

Non-Work-Related, Part Deux

Girly Product Reviews, part Nine Gazillion

Amlactin Lotion

Friend Penny swears by this stuff for wrinkles. I haven't yet tried it on my face, but it works wonders on very dry legs and feet. It doesn't smell like anything, either, which is nice. And a little goes a long way; a lot will cause your skin to just sort of give up and peel off.

Flexitol Hand Balm

Another recommendation from Friend Pens, the Lotion Slut. She actually recommended the Heel Balm this way: "If there were something that worked on the rest of my life as well as Flexitol works on my heels, it would be called Dammitol."

The hand balm is petroleum-based, which means you can't use it during working hours, but it makes a nice overnight treatment for very rough, dry hands. It was originally developed for diabetics. It's easy to wash off and odorless, and again, a little goes a long way. Also good for feet.

Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect Nail Polish

I bought Whore Red (no, that's not the name, but it might as well be), painted my toenails with it, and they stayed unchipped and extremely shiny for three weeks. Plus, it came off with a minimum of strain. The only warning on this one I can come up with is, you'd better get a color you like. It'll be there for a while.

Old Navy Capri Pants, pickstitched, Just-Below-Waist

I found out after I bought two pairs of these that they were "Real Simple" magazine's pick for best capris for people under 5' 5" tall. Now, that's too much of a categorization for me, but I *did* buy two pairs of these pants. The waist is low, but not so low that you get that overgrown-teenager look. In fact, if you're short-waisted, the waist will hit *almost* at your natural waist, thus avoiding the Mom Jeans look and the muffin-top simultaneously. They wear like iron. I wash them on Boil and dry them on Broil and they don't shrink.

Gap (I know, I know) Flared Linen Skirt

At $68, this is a 'spensive piece of clothing...but I've already patterned two other skirts off of it and they're ready to hit the sewing machine. Good thick linen lined with cotton, eight gores, zip closure, French seams that should last forever. If you're short, do not mess around with the regular sizing; go for the petite.

This skirt hits at the natural waist and hangs almost to the ankle. It's perfect for people who live where the summers are sunny but who don't want to wear SPF 45 all over every damned day.

As soon as I get the MBTs in the mail, I'll review those too. Provided I don't fall off them and break my neck.


Bardiac said...

If you're not allergic to sulfa stuffs or lanolin, I recommend Bag Balm for hands, feet, dry skin in general. It's originally for cow udders (thus the bag bit), and has petroleum jelly (so I guess you can't use it at work), lanolin, and some sulfa thing to keep cows from getting infections.

It's amazing stuff! Here's the web site:

(and yes, it's veterinary use only, but we're critters after all!)

Nope, they don't pay me and I don't even own stock in the company.

Kate said...

Today I ordered some Old Navy capris, pickstitched, below-waist, just as you recommended, in the kicky new hue of Chocolate Brown.

If they make me look like a torso sticking out of adobe bricks, I'll report back.

Nurse2B said...

Yeah, second the bag balm... Used to use it in the winter when I lived in Vermont. Good stuff.