Monday, October 24, 2016

What happens when. . . .

. . . .you drive hours and hours and hours and HOURS to the State Fair of Texas with four of your colleagues, one of whom is Filipina, one of whom is from Houston, one of whom is from Minnesota, and the last of whom is from the Texas valley, and you introduce them to (variously) corny dogs, fried cheese curds, and the concept of beer before noon?

You learn that it's not a touch of nature that makes the whole world kin. It's fried cheese curds. (The girl from Minnesota was practically in tears to find her native cuisine featured at the Fair.)

. . . .your coworker says, as you're giving report, "Oh, come on. It's not that hard to charge on three units at once!"

You do this:

This .gif so perfectly encompasses so many of my life situations that I feel strongly I must've been a shoebill in a past life.

. . . .you realize upon waking up that you're on the first day of three weeks' vacation?


RehabRN said...

Enjoy every minute! You deserve it!

I'm not from that far north, but I believe the afterlife (if truly divine) will include cheese.

jimbo26 said...

Y`all have a great vacation , enjoy yourselves . I like the first pic , but I loooooooove the second one . Enjoy the beer ( I`ll have one later on , I`m retired ) .

Clairesmum said...

And if you ever get up into eastern Canada....look for poutine.
Hand made French fried potatoes, cheese curds and hot gravy......a good poutine is what Heaven tastes like!

Charging 3 units at once....did you offer said colleague the chance to have the experience for a week or so?

Enjoy 3 weeks of vacation, Jo.

You've earned it, for sure.

Enid Mueller said...

Friends at work are great!

TraumaNurse said...

Haha! Nothing like a solid group of work friends! Check out my new blog at!