Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Things For Which I Will Never Apologize, Part One:

1. Not answering phone calls from work or checking work email while I'm on vacation. Leave me voicemail if it's really important and I'll call you back.

This policy stems from the time the house supervisor called me and asked me to come in one morning for an "incentive shift." I replied that sorry, I couldn't come in, and got subjected to a lecture about how not-a-team-player I was and how my coworkers were going to suffer. I said, "Yeah, yeah, but I'm in CANADA" and that was that.

2. Being paranoid about the weather this time of year.

Bad enough we get hailstorms and flooding that wipes out entire towns, but add in the "Oop, another tornado" element and yes, I will stay glued to the NOAA webpage.

3. Thinking that "Burlesque" and "Spice World" are the pinnacle of Western movie-making.

Those two movies are the closest thing we have to Bollywood, unless you count the "Step Up" series, which I have never seen.

4. The things I keep in the fridge, like stinky cheese and kimchi.

I live alone.

5. Liking my animals much much much more than I like most people.

*They* don't complain about my stinky cheese, and an incentive shift for Mongo means lots of fuzzy, snorting hugs.


gela said...

Several Co-workers have tried to guilt me into working extra. I say, my contribution to staffing is not calling in sick for every ache, sniffle, or mental ailment. When my name is on the schedule you know I am coming in. If I'm not coming in either I'm dead or someone is dead or dying. I value my time at home even if I am doing nothing. Lastly I agree with you I like animals more than people. They don't annoy me as easily as the 2 legged animals.

woolywoman said...

Before I retired I NEVER answered the phone front staffing. Ever. They could leave a message, but I never spoke to them. That's the road to hell.

messymimi said...

Had to give up being paranoid about the weather, it was making me depressed. Hope you don't get any big storms this year.

woolywoman said...

This was on a site I regularly read.

Lisa said...

I just have to say how much I enjoyed finding your blog tonight. It started with the MSN.COM piece about "50 things your nurse would like to tell you", which rang true for me a patient (breast cancer - 4 year survivor), and also family member (mother was hospitalized with broken hip and stage IV lung cancer dx at same time and passed away a month later.) It had a link to your blog, which has given me a lot of laughs tonight ! While I don't work in health care, I too have a "Keith" in my professional life and literally just today brought the management team into the loop to see the extent of the issues! So thoroughly enjoyed your posts and here's hoping we both get some relief !