Sunday, October 20, 2013

An Illustration of How Nursing Shapes One's Thinking

This morning I stepped through the bathroom floor.

Yes, that bathroom floor. The one an ex-boyfriend of mine and I spent six weeks working on. I was turning on the shower when *crunch* went my right foot, right through some tile.

BN (Before Nursing), I would've panicked. AN (After Nursing), here's my thought process.

1. Is it a problem?


2. Is it a problem that will prevent me from showering?


(Get into shower.)

3. Is this a problem that will require me to wake up Boyfiend for his opinion?

No. It can wait.

4. What are the best-case and worst-case scenarios when it comes to fixing this problem?

Best: Replace a few squares of floor tile

Worst: Rip out entire bathroom and replace everything; live with Boyfiend while bathroom is being dealt with

Median: Rip out part of the bathroom and replace, bathe in kitchen sink

5. What is likely to have caused this problem?

In descending order of likelihood:

a) Wonky plumbing in the wall that we didn't notice the first time
b) Rot from bad grout lines in the floor
c) Leftover damage from pipe breaking under house
d) Ants or termites or some other bug
e) Aliens have decided to use my bathroom floor as a portal to another universe

6. What does this mean for the problem as it stands?

Ask for Home Depot gift cards for Christmas. Wait until Boyfiend to drink coffee before examining the floor. Make popovers.

(Get out of shower, make popovers.)


RehabRN said...

Sorry to hear your shower got interrupted.

Hope you get lots of gift cards. I'm going to need some for my downstairs bathroom (shower stall is getting wonky).

RehabRN said...

Sorry to hear your shower got interrupted.

I know the feeling...have some weirdness going on in our bathroom too. Darned full moon!

I wish you many Home Depot cards this year from Santa.

Alyssa said...

Lmao. The Theory of (Nursing) Relativitity.

messymimi said...

With a house, if it's not one thing, it's one worse thing sometimes. Hope this one isn't a worse thing.

Susan - Nurse on the Run said...

Hahaha so true! People say I don't get too worked up about things, to which I say, "No one's dying, it's fine. Move along."

Mark said...

Not that big of a deal as you can still use the Apendix burst and now i have a scar on my belly that will never go away.

What is the Apendix for anyway, something left over from evolution from back when we were Tree Ferrets? Aided us with digesting some exotic tree bark and now explodes from a lifetime of having nothing to do.

Enid Mueller said...

Yes! The nursing process carries over into all other areas of our lives.

Celeste said...

You're a Zen goddess of triage.

Azmomo2andcounting said...

What's the worst that will happen will someone die? Nope... take shower

What's the worst that will happen, will someone die? Nope... have coffee first.

I like your thinking!