Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Styling the bedroom? Ain't nobody got time for that!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I've become addicted to renovation/decorating/house blogs.

It's a shameful thing.

It's a shameful thing because, to be honest, my addiction (which started when I bought this house, seven or so years ago) has resulted in nothing except my painting every wall in the house white. Well, and putting up those two-inch-wide, faux-wood blinds that JCPenney sells because I was sick of uncleanable Roman shades. Did that today. Lost some patience, some years of my life, and not a little bit of blood.

Somehow, despite being glued to Anna's and Daniel and Max's escapades, and reading Chezerbey with the sort of dedication I usually reserve for science fiction, I have missed all the finer points of design.

Dudes, I Used Pelican Tile In The Bathroom. In my defense, subway tile was still too expensive for my budget at the time, and I was under a huge time constraint, as a house functions best with a working bathroom. Still, I look at those squares of tile and kick myself every time I pee.

And, worst of all, I'm ashamed. My bedroom's been described as "stark"--as in, all-white, no frills, no tchotchkes sitting on things, and very few things for tchotchkes to sit on. The living room is mostly neat, with several bookshelves, but I spend most of my time keeping the dog-hair and cat-hair under control, not working out vignettes with the Thai dragon Dad got me years ago.

I'm a good cook. I'm fantastic at makeup. I can dress myself with only a minor amount of trouble. I can refill the windshield-washer-thingy in my car with no problem. I make gorgeous compost. I can handle power tools without losing digits, and my solder doesn't drip. I'm not the worst nurse you ever worked with. But I cannot for the life of me decorate.

I was excited when The Boyfiend told me he was bringing his Schlitz chandelier. (Which has since been lost, but I'll go into that tragedy later if ever.)

Tomorrow I'm going to IKEA. I'm going to buy curtains, following Dana's advice and getting the longer ones, and I'm going to put them up. I'm going to put them up, moreover, on the nifty bendy curtain rods I got a million years ago from West Elm. It's going to be fabulous.

Aaaaand they will make the rest of the bedroom look skanky and as if it needs to be repainted, which it does, but dammit, who has time for that when there are tomatoes to grow?


gina said...

OMG I just learned how to fill my own washer wiper fluid thing in my car last week. Rock star, right here!!

Anonymous said...

I sat down to read your blog and waste a few minutes before I cleaned up the kitchen. After clicking through all the other blogs you highlighted I'm ready to make my own almond milk ( I've only ever had store-bought ), go on line and order new curtains from IKEA and redecorate a room. And no, the kitchen fairy still hasn't shown up to clean that dinner mess. But I'm feeling much more relaxed so thank you.


Mama D said...

I also completely lack the decorator gene! It makes my contractor insane when he does jobs for me because I make him select all the trim styles etc. ;) I just tell him that if I had any artistic talent whatsoever, I would not be a scientist!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe, you're trying to do something that isn't natural to you. Could you have a clutter aversion from seeing families visit patients and spread out crap all over?

Anyway, think about how to do you, but finished. You mention the walls a few time, so paint a room. I imagine the curtains come with the boy, so good for you.

For accessories, think about stuff that will work with you life. So you mention the war on pet hair, perhaps there's a solution. Maybe a beautiful dog bed that's more attractive than the couch, in a dog hair camouflaging color. Or a table with a cubby hole that attracts the cat. Nothing will ever end the war but perhaps you can space out the battles.

Overall, if newly living with another person calls attention to the decor, things are going pretty well. When I have second thoughts about the Hampton Inn, I don't bitch about the art, feel me?

Lisak said...

I follow the same decor/ design blogs. It's gonna be okay-- your curtains will look fabulous.

Unknown said...

so weird, Ok so I have been reading your blog for years and occsional comment made FB friends with another of your Christchurch readers (no we haven't met but we Like each others posts I drove past her in the street a few weeks ago and thought hey isn't that?! so maybe we should meet up) You have expressed concern re us in our Time of trouble (as we do about you in yours). All this time and we have been reading the same decorating blogs AMAZING, While I wait and wait and wait for my new house (maybe mid 2015, who knew insurance stuff after major disasters took so long)I keep myself sane (too late some may say) planning just how fab my new house could be. Yay for decorating and DIY blogs I say.

Kalyana Design said...

I love your blog and have been reading it for a while. I can give you advice on re-decorating, and something that wouldn't be gaudy, would be cheap, and hopefully in your style and would make you feel good - if I managed to get "your style" at all by reading your blog.

messymimi said...

No one can do everything -- that's why there are highly paid experts to do it. Just like i couldn't be my own nurse, so i pay others. Major on what you are great at, and never mind the nay-sayers unless they are going to help you do it for free.

Unknown said...

You kick yourself when you pee? It must make one hell of a mess!

I haven't the slightest clue on decoration but top down bottom up shades are awesome. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Ask a friend who understands you, and whose decor you like, to make some basic choices for you and to WRITE THEM DOWN in a list you can follow. For someone who has the decor gene, it's a morning's very enjoyable work to pull up suggestions, colors, ideas for a 2 bedroom house. What this gives you is something to react to. You can look at the list, say, "I like this and this and this but I don't like that and that" and pretty soon you have a framework. You do what's left on the list. When it's all done, you look around and you see what's missing and add that. And then you have a space that looks and functions for you w/o looking like a laboratory.

Penny Mitchell said...

Decorating schmeckorating. If you're comfortable and you've surrounded yourself with the things that you love, that's all that matters.

Urbie said...

IKEA -- OUR FAVORITE STORE!!! Be sure to have lunch while you're there!

20SomethingTravelRN said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of years, and I ended up becoming a trauma/neuro ICU nurse. I have just gotten up the courage to start my own blog.


I have learned so much by reading your blog. Your nursing posts, your personal posts, etc. Thanks!!

Nurse Wannabie said...

IKEA probably lasts a year or 2. Unless you are looking into redesigning every now and then, it might be worth to find something durable with (of course) a higher price tag. Enjoy your decorating!