Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Y'all, I am blessed in friends.

Tashi just emailed me. She's starting her own fundraising efforts for Mary.


Who, by all rights, should be allowed to recover and rest and be quiet for a year or more, is fundraising for Mary.

Which proves again what I already knew: I have the best friends ever, and Tashi is the most amazing one of the bunch.


bobbie said...

Tashi IS amazing ~ and this is, perhaps, exactly what she needs.

You rock, Jo ~

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

unbelievable isn't it the love that spreads around and sticks to the ones who need it.

Rosanna said...

I *H.A.T.E* cancer, Jo. I hate what it did not only to all the young--->--->old cancer patients I've taken care of; and to my many previous Family members diagnosed with cancer; but also to Mary Osheskie; then to you; then, fatally on 9/11/12, to Kevin "Wash" Pratt-King; and now to my Dad (86) who's dying of bladder cancer, on the other side of the country from me.

Strong, courageous, kick-a** angels, in the guise of Bloggers Who FIGHT Cancer----(e.g., like you and Tashi do!!)----are such an inspiration to me. to. just. try. to. keep. going., you know.

Thank YOU and TASHI, too, Jo.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I go about sending some money.

Jo said...

Anon, go to the post just below this one. There are links there that you can click on to donate. Thank you so much.