Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Frogs. Has it been that long?

I see I haven't posted since the middle of last month. My apologies.

I've been working a lot, which means new stories for you! but I'm also between keyboards at the moment.

More later this week, I promise. Nothing horrible has happened; I've just been busy.


Kimberly said...

Thank you! I've been worried. Normally I figure long lags just sometimes happen. But grieving a pet can be so hard. Good to hear from you.

bobbie said...

I'm glad all is well ~ you've been missed.

clairesmum said...

glad you are OK...take good care, post when it works for you..thanks for letting us know that the waste matter had not hit the air distributor in your area!

Rosanna said...

'Also glad you're okay, Jo............ I was so worried!!

After your losing dear Max; (and my also genuinely *feeling your loss* of your Big Boy Max, too), what additionally made me even more worried is that I'm now helping my poor first cousin~~who is a longtime Hospice Nurse in the Texas Panhandle~~*deal* with the new diagnosis............ (i.e., since this past Saturday, for her big, 108 lbs., sad-eyed/lovable/"scaredy-cat", furry chocolate-brown, Lab/Great Pyrenees mix, Shelter Dog "Sam")............ of Masticatory Muscular Myositis. (It's an Autoimmune Disease that attacks the special muscles used for masticating, causing the muscles to waste away; and subsequently causing extreme difficulty in the dog's eating. It has flairups like Lupus Erythematosus or Rheumatoid Arthritis; but there's no cure. It's initially treated with high doses of Prednisone; then tapered-off to maintenance, along with blending the dog's food to babyfood consistency).

Anyway, maybe my point here is that E.V.E.N. being a Hospice Nurse............ doesn't make the slow loss of a very beloved, 6-year-old companion animal............ any "easier" at all, as you know, Jo. (And, if/when that point comes, my cousin and her veterinarian won't allow her Big Boy Sam to suffer). *Sigh*............

I'm glad you're okay, Jo............ (i.e., except for maybe a "slight" problem with a poor hurt/bleedin' (R) ring finger that I think I see in the Above post)!!