Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh, well.

I have had One Of Those Days.

Worry about work kept me up late last night; the heat kept me in today. I did some basic grocery shopping, but forgot to get coffee. Max seems better--of course, because he has a vet appointment tomorrow.

Today, a friend of mine whom I love and respect was bitching about how the development of cellulite has kept her from buying shorts. It was dramatic enough that I nearly said something like, "What a coincidence! I've been looking for months for shorts that'll coordinate with the huge hole in my head, the sores I get on my tongue from the prosthetic, and the wires that poke my gums."

Anger from work is obviously spilling over.

Tonight I'm going to read All Creatures Great And Small and eat a pile of toast. Tomorrow I'll see the Prosthodontic Fairy, then take the Zoaters to see the doctor he once tried unsuccessfully to bite, then come home and make salads and lunch for the rest of the week. It'll be a productive day, which is better than a day spent worrying and pacing.

Something is going to happen soon, I know that. I just wish I knew what it *is*.


Earl said...

Yes, I like your reading selection! James Herriot wrote a very funny series of books. I read them when much younger and loved them. Good luck at the vet tomorrow.

Might as well, can't dance... said...

I don't think I have ever commented, but I am a regular reader and enjoy doing so. I am an RN in a rural hospital in Texas. It is VERY POLITICAL - sigh... Anyway, in reading your posts about chemo - that would scare the absolute piss out of me, too... I was wondering if any of the MD's would back you up, or at least be a sounding board. In my dealings, that has been a very helpful... I hope things work out for you, because I can see your dedication to what you do... Blessings...

Anonymous said...

What kinds of salads/lunches do you make? I'm in need of some new lunch ideas.

I hope the "something" is something good. You deserve a something good.

Wayne Conrad said...

Jo, Have you ever seen the BBC series, "All Creatures Great and Small?" It follows the books perfectly and has been a favorite of mine since it first aired. If you do NetFlix, they've got it available for streaming. It's one of the few adaptations I've seen that doesn't make you sorry you read the book.

inkgrrl said...

Big ginormous hugs to you!

I once responded to my husband's bitching about his job that he should be glad he gets to leave the house and worry about spreadsheets rather than stay home and worry about not being able to feel his feet, and that I'd trade with him any day. That was when I realized I was really pissed off about my spine ;-) Funny how those things creep up on us, huh? You're a better woman than I for keeping your mouth shut. Chocolaty bacon ice cream hugs!