Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let's get one thing straight right the hell now.

I am not a fan of small dogs.

If you give me the choice between a stubborn, grouchy big dog of unknown origin and a cute little white fluffy eager to please purebred that weighs less than 20 pounds, I'll take my chances with the grouch.

However: my old vet, the one with the overalls and the goats in the waiting room and the six rescued Greyhounds on her land, once told me this:

In a fight between any dog and a Chihuahua, she would bet on the Chihuahua, unless the other dog was a Greyhound.

Give it up for Paco, the crime-fighting, bad-ass good-boy of the day!


Anonymous said...

I hated small dogs until I rescued a chihuahua. In our 4 months together, he has protected me from the biggest dogs he can find and slow walking tourists. It's a lot of fun. They start with "aww.. look at the puppy" and end with "OMG!"

He's my sweet, ruthless, napoleon and I promise he'd win you over.

ps: he has the woof of a big dog. no yappiness at all.

Anonymous said...

in my much younger days I worked for a vet,and it was always the little dogs that bit me,the big ones just took what ever was coming with maybe some grumbling.I guess that was a good thing.

messymimi said...

Had Paco's story on my blog the other day, too, i couldn't resist.

Glad to know that about the breed, they are spunky.

Penny Mitchell said...

I never used to like small dogs until I actually got the chance to really get to know a couple of them. (I sound like a reformed non-cat person, don't I?) I could definitely see having a smaller dog in my future. Being able to carry him/her up the stairs is in the forefront of my mind as I watch Brandy The Dust Farting Ancient Golden Retriever struggle with our stairs. :-(

P.S. God help me, I think Pomeranians are the cutest freaking things on the planet.

terri c said...

My little tiny mix of schnauzerk, terrier, maybe dachshund, maybe chi, who knows, feels the need to protect my Irish Wolfhounds. It's insane.

Molly said...

I love little dogs for just this reason. THEY ARE SO CONVINCED THEY'RE BADASSES. Paco is freaking awesome.

danielle said...

My grandmother's chihuaha ruined me for all chi's....Raggedy Ann was the nastiest, meanest, ugliest dog I have ever known. The only person she "liked" was my grandmother and she would even bite her!