Sunday, July 10, 2011

0215 Sunday:



(rattle rattle rattle THUD)



(pat pat pat pat THUD pat pat pat pat)

Meeeeeeh? THUD











bobbie said...


jimbo26 said...

My imagination is running riot . :-)

clairesmum said...

let me guess...cats wake up, dog wakes up, cat jumps to floor, human wakes up and pats dog wagging tail, cat vocalization, human gets up and opens door, human vocalizes, mammal (biped or quadruped) crashes into something, bladder is emptied....
the possibility of more than one mammal crashing into something, and more than one bladder being emptied cannot be ruled out.
am I at all close or completely pissing in the wind?

Jo said...

Clairesmum, that all happened while Max and I were in our respective beds, paws covering our ears. Blame the cats.

messymimi said...

In our house, its "bonk, bonk, bonk" as they bang on the door.

Anonymous said...

No blind rattling in there? That was always one of my cat's favorites. Preferably at an hour prior to 5:00 a.m.

LifePainter said...

For me last night it was *gorp*....*gorp, gorp, gorp*....and woke up in the morning to gooey hairballs on my bed!

IMQTPI said...

I really hate *gorp* *gorp, gorp, gorp* - and I don't have cats!

Jo said...

Thank Frogs they don't do *gorp* *gorp* *gorp* very often. If they'd done it last night, I think Max and I would've moved out to the back yard.

clairesmum said...

wow, i was way off the mark! wretched cats!!
only 1 cat and 1 dog and 1 husband in my bedroom - husband and his CPAP have the usual few wheezes and squeaks, the old dog now usually sleeps through the night with fewer position changes, and the old cat and i have a truce of sorts - if i move my feet carefully, she won't chomp on my big toe, or step on my face on her way to the kibble dish.
hope you are feeling better!

Elyse said...

Ha ha ha! Now I want to hear what happened after crashbangthudcrash! Was it sighpause.pause.sigh.taptapsigh.
swooshcovers padpadpad lighton yegads!

Hopefully nothing necessitating activity that could put a crimp of pain in your still recovering sore belly!

Dr. Alice said...

You left out: *Blam* *Blam* *BLAM*

Penny Mitchell said...


R said...

I have a long-term indwelling suprapubic catheter.

This, particularly the consequent night-bags, are a remarkably poor combination with owning (or being owned by?) three fully-clawed felines.

Even when there's human p*ss everywhere it's still the bloody cat's fault!