Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I met somebody today.

I am so excited.

Just over the freaking MOON.

Today, I met somebody--introduced by my uncle, no less--who had her palate removed, same as I did eight months ago. She's three weeks out of surgery.

She sounds just like I did three weeks out of surgery. I don't know that I ever subjected you guys to the absolute depths of suckiness that I was feeling then; I don't remember. The first paragraph of her email, though, was exactly what I was thinking then, so much so that I sucked in my breath and said "Oh, my GOD."

There is somebody like me out there. Better than that, there's somebody like I was all that time ago, when things were really, really bad. She can hear from one person, at least, that things get better. It'll remind me that that's true every time I say it.

She's gonna be *fine*. Fine as freshly-fluffed froghair. Just like I am.



bobbie said...


Cr0w$C@lling said...

You didn't sound bad. Just a little congested, which, you were.

It's 90 degrees here. They are calling it an unprecedented heat wave. So precious.

clairesmum said...

but really, fine as freshly fluffed froghair? that's a new one on me - didn't know frogs had hair!
am thinking of frogs w/ teeny tiny toupees.....
glad you are well, and i am enjoying your writing, as always.Stay cool in that Texas heat!

Rosanna said...

There's "Head Nurse" Jo ............ just workin' hard and savin' lives in Sunnydale General.

Now, where it personally really-really-*really* hits home for you, though, (but technically not in a Nurse-Patient Relationship) ............ there's "L.I.F.E.L.I.N.E." Jo ............ who's throwing out an inflated tire, so to speak, to someone who's *drowning*, (as you yourself were), three weeks out of her surgery, too.

'So glad that your uncle introduced you TO each other!!

messymimi said...

The beginnings of your own informal support group! That will help you as much as others.

Celeste said...

Wow Jo, you're coming full circle on this experience. I hope her prognosis is as good as yours.

Penny Mitchell said...

Mysterious ways, honey. Mysterious ways.

Knot Telling said...


When I was just starting the cancer dance (which I know you are not - yay!), I was introduced to a woman much younger than me who had a similar kind of cancer and was less than a year "behind" me in treatment. I know she got a lot out of finding out what to expect and learning that her reactions were normal and okay, but I also got a lot by being able to turn a horrendous experience around and help someone else.

Yay for you!

Knot (aka Lurkette)

Eileen said...

But the best bit will be later - when the two of you will be able to look back share the "walking in each other's shoes" feeling. No explanations needed when you say "you know how..."


Anonymous said...

It feels so good to meet and talk to somebody who's gone through or is going through the same thing as you.As much as we depend on and appreciate our families and friends,nobody can understand what we feel and what we go through like somebody else who's been there.Even if it's somebody you never met before and wouldn't meet in "ordinary" circumstances.You'll find yourself becoming friends with so many people from so many walks of life.