Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Limbo, limbo, lim-BO

Quick Animal update:

Animal is two inches (roughly) long and some undetermined measurement the other way. Nobody has any idea what he is, but everybody agrees that for now he's not a big deal. Don't ask me how that works.

Re-sono in three weeks, with the doc in the room, then everything will get decided.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go do some dishes.


terri c said...

Let us hope that he is a benign cyst of some sort, rare enough to be written up somewhere but not in any sense a danger to you. I hate that you have to wait... I also hate that, if he is a cyst, he is not big enough that you could quit work and support yourself with large fees posing on talk shows with photos of him after removal... having seen a photo of a 90+ pound cyst I was speechless for quite some time. Pulling for you here, Jo.

messymimi said...

And i will do some yelling at G-d about how this all better be a whole lot of nothing.

Elyse said...

2 inches x somethin-or-other hmmm you saying maybe there's triplets in there?

All inappropriate humor aside - 3 weeks with that mess can wear you down - please Jo be extra spoilin' of yourself and commune with your critters a lot. Best <3

clairesmum said...

abilene rob's diagram is a hoot - here's hoping this whole event turns out to be a very short funny anecdote and NOTHING more!
will be thinking of you. take good care.

Rosanna said...

On this Mother's Day Eve, 2011, I think your kind/caring/maternalissima emotions for all of your patients; friends; family............ (and online minions, too, haha!!)............ should just be quietly acknowledged, too, Jo. 'Hope (the results of) your repeat sonogram in 3 weeks really will be *NO* big deal: