Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In an attempt to look on the bright side

(whistling on the cross)

Even though Manglement scheduled NO relief for me today, and even though it was a black bitch of a morning, I did have one good happen: A doc I've known since he was a PGY1 showed up unexpectedly on the floor...

....to tell me his wife's having a baby.

Now, he and I have a history. He's a conservative at best and a libertarian at worst, while I'm a card-carrying member of the Pinko Bleeding Hearts Club Band. We discovered this early on, so since then it's been nothing but jokes: I see him coming and duck the boot that's heading for my face; he sees me coming and grabs his wallet.

I asked him once, when he was accompanied by a med student, why he'd come back so quickly from County General. His answer? "The smell of entitlement just got to be too much." The med student's eyes got really round.

For his birthday last year, I gave him a dozen Kool-Aid packets with Obama's picture on them. So we understand each other.

And his wife is having a baby. Not only is he going to make a kick-ass dad, he's going to make a kick-ass dad to a daughter, which is what she's having in November.

I'm going to get him a copy of "Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Child Do)" and a sawed-off shotgun for baby shower presents. It's just so nice to see somebody who's freaking over the moon about having a kid.

And yeah, I can survive as long as I have people to share inside jokes with.

Somebody in the comments below opined that perhaps I was being set up for a fall by Manglement. I could believe that if they were just a little more organized: they didn't realize I was scheduled today until about noon, when I showed up in the break room to eat lunch. The fact that I was in the CCU all morning, under the mangler's nose, didn't make a difference.


Think baby. Think baby. Think Che Guevara onesie.


messymimi said...

You against Manglement, and you are in my prayers.

Love the idea of a Che onesie.

Bardiac said...

I found a Che onesie for a colleague's kid. Maybe at CafePress?

Penny Mitchell said...

This is my standard fall-back gift for fuss-pots who are procreating: http://www.amazon.com/BOB-MARLEY-Creeper-Chocolate-T-shirt/dp/B000GTS4Q2

Rachael said...


every baby needs one

Heidi said...

It's also a lot of fun to make your own onesies! Just get some plain white ones, some iron-on printer paper and either download or create your own designs. I've made some sweet Michelle and Barack ones lately for the babes in my fam.

Dr. Alice said...

All I can say is, if you *are* being set up for a fall by Manglement (which I devoutly hope you are not), it's their loss. Big time. I hope things get better.

Have you considered Dick Cheney on that onesie? [ducking]