Monday, April 02, 2007

It's official: Mom and Dad adopted me from the aliens.

So I went to the happy shrink guy for my follow-up appointment and told him what happened when I tried to taper off Effexor. His response? "Boy, that's weird." "Weird" means more, somehow, coming from a psychiatrist.

And then I got the results back from my latest round of blood tests. When the last ones came in, my cholesterol was in the mid-180's, which, combined with my family history, made me a little nervous. So I cut back on booze, cut out junk except for a treat now and then, and upped the amount of lean protein and veggies and fruits I eat. I also incorporated more cardio into the workouts I have with Attilla, and started cardio on my own.

Whereupon my cholesterol went up twenty-four points.

I'm going back to a diet of burgers and beer. I may start breathing methane; it's probably the oxygen in the atmosphere that's causing my problems.


Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm not the only one with weird reactions! (only in my case coffee induces sleepiness while Bromazepam, even in the lowest dosage, gets me all freaked out and angry.) We should find our alien brothers and sisters and start plotting world domination, don't you think?

Jo said...

Ada, I say the hell with world domination; let's work on getting the lipid profile recommendations changed for us aliens.

Perpetual Beginner said...

I'm with you on the lipid profile recs. Mine are an alarming 224 - on a practically vegetarian diet, from which I've now cut pretty much all dairy (including the fat free). My husband, eating the same diet I do (only with additonal meat), has a total cholesterol of 132. We can't possibly be the same species.