Monday, March 12, 2007


Nnng things:

Freddy Mercury is still dead.

Lyle Lovett is still married to somebody else. (She can't love you like I can, Lyle! Come to me! We have the same hair! We can share product!)

The dermatology resident who told me that all I needed was Cetaphil and a good mild moisturizer lied. Through her teeth. I now have almost as many zits as freckles.

We're still short two aides and several nurses. Note to Manglement: when the majority of the staff on a floor leaves within a couple of weeks, there's a problem.

Freddy Mercury. Still dead. As much as I keep hoping it'll all turn out to be a bad dream and he'll be ready to tour again tomorrow.

I took a spectacular tumble today during my workout with Attila the Cheerleader; so much so that she didn't even laugh. As I was hopping up onto that dog-damned step, sideways, the edge of my right foot caught the edge of the step and over I went like a sack of potatoes. I now have bruises all over my right side.

And I still don't write as well as Sid Schwab. may have five-dollar-off shipping, but they don't carry Chuck Taylors.

The Gap has stupid ads.

Jack Bauer is pretty cool with a belt and a switchblade, but I miss MacGyver's hair.

Freddy? Deaddy.

Speaking of dead, another one bit the dust this past week at work. We're having a run (actually, *we're* not having the run; *Carolita* is having the run. We suspect she's whispering "Go toward the liiiiiight" to them in Spanish) of that lately.

My cuticles are horrible.

I got bile all over my favorite scrub top. SHOUT stain remover does not remove bile.

My Google home page is all messed up.

The cat garked up a hairball into my clogs today.

Carolita apparently got hold of F. Mercury.

And I am going to bed. If I hold down the "reboot" button on my day long enough, tomorrow might be better.


Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say you're not alone in your love of Lyle! Perhaps a lame reason to de-lurk, but it's something I feel very strongly about. ;)

Anonymous said...

Try mechanics hand cleaner on that scrub top. Its like jelly - cleans most anything.

Anonymous said...

I remember in the late 90's, driving in my car: "Freddy Mercury's publicist announced today that Freddy has AIDS".

Literally the next day, driving in the car: "Freddy Mercury has died of AIDS".

Timing is everything.


Anonymous said...

You're a fine writer, Jo! We'll have none of those negative comparisons. I'm an editor and I say so!

Also: I want your hair.

Anonymous said...

Yep. I'm with you on pretty much all of that, except maybe the bile. (Haven't started my workweek yet.) But especially Lyle.

Which rhymes with bile.

(I'm ashamed of myself.)

shrimplate said...

Ever hear Lovett sing "Stand by Your Man"? It is so cool.