Thursday, February 01, 2007

My name is Jo, and I am a "Grey's Anatomy" fan.

There. I said it.

I suck.


Big ones.

You have to understand; I hate "Grey's Anatomy" with the burning of a thousand white-hot suns. I don't care about Meredith Grey's anatomy, her love life, or anything else. I don't care who's sleeping with whom, or who doesn't wear rings, or who watches pay-per-view in Vegas, or who's named Iphigenia. Although "Calliope Iphigenia" is the single best classics-themed name I've ever heard. Ever.

But tonight, when Meredith's mother had this sudden, never-before-documented return from amnesia? That brought me to tears. Not the bit where Meredith goes in to talk to her, only to realize that Mom has slipped back into Nowheresville; the bit before--where Mom learns that she's actually cukoo, and nothing will help.

Because I do occasionally see that at work. And then I go eat, like, six bags of Jack & Jill bar-b-Q potato chips. And some lichee nut jello. And a cheeseburger. And then I sit in the breakroom and burp and stare into space.

And frankly? If I had a patient so toxic that opening them up would knock out half the surgical staff? I have a list of people to go first. Bring 'em on.


Anonymous said...

who supplies you with jack and jill bbq potato chips?

seriously, i watch it for the's a good soap.

shrimplate said...


Never seen the show

A family thing, no doubt. What ev'.

What ev'. Yes again. What ev'.

Hey. Luv yah.

Jo said...

May, I have a Connection at work. There's an Asian grocery that's too far for me to get to, but is close to her house, and she's she knows the goods.

Jack & Jill chips and those little cubes of lichee nut jell-o and moon cakes are my downfalls. Yum.